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RDS Support for Railo Issue: Listing Files

Name: Listing Files
ID: 6
Project: RDS Support for Railo
Type: Bug
Area: Administration
Severity: High
Status: Fixed
Related URL:
Creator: Manking
Created: 06/27/12 7:08 AM
Updated: 06/30/12 11:00 AM
Description: The RDS will not open and list the folder on my Windows 2003 server running Railo

I am using Dreamweaver CS5
History: Created by manking (Manking) : 06/27/12 7:08 AM

Comment by manking (Manking) : 06/27/12 7:59 AM
line 69 of rds.cfm
<cfdirectory directory="#args[1]#" name="qDir"/>

For some reason args[1] = *

If I replace args[1] this with the hard address ie: E:\root then it works

Comment by manking (Manking) : 06/27/12 8:00 AM
The list then works

but I need a fix for the args[1] problem

Comment by acole76 (Anthony Cole) : 06/29/12 8:59 PM
Try replacing the getCommandData function w/ the following code. This works in my version of DW CS5

<cffunction name="getCommandData" returntype="array" output="false">
   <cfargument name="rawdata" required="true" type="string"/>
   <!--- This function was derived from work by Paul Klinkenberg --->

   <cfset rawdata = listrest(arguments.rawdata, ":")/>
   <cfset spos = findnocase("str:", arguments.rawdata)/>

   <cfset return_array = arraynew(1)/>
   <cfloop condition="#spos#">
      <cfset length = listfirst(mid(arguments.rawdata, spos+4, len(arguments.rawdata)), ":")/>
      <cfset arrayappend(return_array, mid(arguments.rawdata, spos+4+len(length)+1, length))/>
      <cfset spos = findnocase("str:", arguments.rawdata, spos+length+1)/>
   <cfreturn return_array/>

Comment by acole76 (Anthony Cole) : 06/30/12 10:57 AM
I've updated the source code on google code. This should be working. I have tested in Homesite+, CFBuilder 2 and DW CS5 on both linux and windows.

Updated by acole76 (Anthony Cole) : 06/30/12 11:00 AM

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